Authenticity Can’t Be Taught, Right?

Authenticity Can’t Be Taught, Right?

22 Jun 09:00 by Gabby Symons


Authenticity…I’m not sure about you but I am ‘over’ reading articles about ‘how to be authentic’ and tips on ‘being more authentic’ and pretty much everything related to the topic. It seems like being who you are, might just be the most difficult skill anyone can master.  When you think about it, teaching someone how to be authentic is like teaching someone to be taller. In short, you can’t teach or learn it. So, not wanting to add more clutter to the topic, I would like to share a few of my thoughts and hopefully a bit of a different angle to the masses!

If we put up with a world that is often inauthentic, it’s only because we’ve forgotten what real authenticity feels like. This explains for example, why a politician, with even a hint of truth, or a speaker who dares to be vulnerable, has the power to inspire us. We feel moved by authentic people and we can’t help but feel attracted to them. Similarly, we feel attractive when we’re being authentic, and when we connect with people who are engaged by our naturalness (a.k.a. the person who we really are). When we have a killer job interview or are part of an experience that is genuinely enjoyed by the parties involved, we encounter a moment of mutual authenticity. To me, that says on multiple levels that we’re craving realness; we want to be authentic, and we want to be around authenticity.

So, since it’s something you are and not something you get, then authenticity must be impossible to teach, right?

Yep…so right!  So, with that said, can I ask that if you’re trying hard to be authentic, to stop - as you are just being inauthentic!

It’s a known fact that un-learning inauthenticity is very doable…so help is near. You just need to notice and recognise it when it arises. Whatever the situation, the moment you catch yourself having an inauthentic moment –  stop, take a moment and have a laugh at yourself. This is the first step in un-doing it. Once you’ve made the first step, keep it up.

Thanks for reading and remember, it’s the ‘real you’ that people want to know and be around, not anyone else. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to leave a comment.