How to Attract the Best Leaders for Your Business

How to Attract the Best Leaders for Your Business

05 Apr 06:00 by Rebecca Nickless


As we all know, having competent, dedicated and high-performing leaders shapes a business’s culture and brings out the best from our teams. However, in the competitive retail recruitment market, attracting top talent to your company can be tough, and it’s no wonder that we see so many of our clients exploring innovative ways to attract talent. If you’re aiming to ensure your teams are headed by the right people, we’ve been in the recruitment game for years and have some insider knowledge we can share with you. We know from experience what people are looking for – these are some of our best tips on how to attract leaders who can take your business to new heights.

Focus on Leadership Development

When it comes to attracting executives into your retail business, the best candidates all have one thing in common – they’re ambitious. A leader will already be thinking about their next career move when they’re in the interview room with you, so make sure you have their path laid out by providing adequate  leadership development opportunities. If your organisation nurtures and invests in its leaders, you will be on a steady course to attracting top talent to your company, not to mention boosting engagement and performance.

Try to make the focus on leadership development evident in the recruitment process, as this helps candidates to envision where the role could take them in the future. Whether it’s providing formal training or study, opportunities to attend industry events and conferences, prospects for promotion or the chance to head up an occasional special project, always present the possibilities from the outset by including them in the job ad. In this case, we think that showing your hand early is in your best interests.

Become a Great Place to Work

Reputation is everything in the competitive recruitment market, and businesses that are known for being great place to work in will have an edge when attracting executives. We’ve seen this proven over and over again as recruiters, and can attest that building a strong employer brand in the retail market will help to stir up interest from great candidates.

One way to do this is by sharing ideas, news and other retail content through your social media and website. Another effective strategy is to raise brand ambassadors from within your business that can help spread the positive reputation, both via word of mouth and when networking online. These will be especially useful in a time where candidates can easily gain insight into what it’s really like to work for an employer with a quick look through social media and websites such as Glassdoor.

There are a number of factors to think about when establishing your organisation as a great place to work, including:

  • Company culture – Is it positive, productive and well-rounded? Does it encourage communication and feedback?

  • Corporate values and mission – Are the company values and overall objectives clear and broken down into achievable goals for each team?

  • Office environment – Is the atmosphere pleasant to be in and the teams balanced, with the right people working together?

  • The work itself – Do people know what they’re doing, are they well-supported and are the internal processes effective?

  • Flexibility and work/life balance – Does the business support the work/life balance of its employees?  

The answers to these questions could make all the difference in attracting executives that will future-proof your retail business. If you can see room for improvement, this is good news! You are now in a position to start making small changes that could have a big impact on your company’s reputation. If you have no idea where to start, we’re always here to help, so feel free reach out.

Provide Opportunities for Growth and Innovation

Today’s retail landscape offers an array of options for top performers, so we absolutely understand that knowing how to attract leaders can seem like a herculean task! Fortunately, you don’t need the supernatural abilities of an ancient Greek hero to come out on top – simply focussing on growth and innovation will go a long way when navigating the competitive recruitment landscape.

When attracting executives, aim to show that there are opportunities to expand their scope and lead change by highlight the available tools and technologies, as well as the ways you’re investing in growth.  Your future leader will want to know how the organisation will stay ahead of the curve and their role in driving this evolution, so take the time when writing the job ad to highlight the direction the company is going and how the position’s scope might change in the long run.

Above all, most great leaders want to make a real impact and leave a legacy. Let them know they have the support and tools they need to make their mark on your retail business.


Without a doubt, the driving force behind a successful retail business is the quality of its leadership, so it’s vital to get the right people in place. Luckily, we’ve seen these strategies work time and time again to help our clients secure the leaders they need, and putting them to work in your own business is a great place to begin.

Do you have any other ideas for attracting executives or would you like help with your retail recruitment needs? I’d love to hear from you!