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Head of Marketing


Search, Advertising and Network Approach

Organisational context: 

e&s is a renowned, family-owned speciality kitchen/bathroom/laundry retailer with a Victorian presence across their retail showrooms and commercial sales arm. From humble beginnings, the business has grown over the past 50 years to be a destination for innovative, reliable, quality brands and products from all around the world. The charismatic family duo at the helm of the business along with the General Manager knew that the time was right to appoint an accomplished Head of Marketing to further maximise and differentiate their brand presence and offering to customers.

The pain points and challenges:

  • e&s needed a skilled, generalist Marketing leader who would understand the heritage and intricacy of their supplier relationships and be able to build credibility quickly.
  • A strong strategic thinker was required with the maturity to understand the pace at which change could be executed within the setting of a successful family-owned business.
  • A leadership style that successfully straddled the need to nurture the team, as well as challenge and develop their capability was paramount

People Equity’s solution:

  • With a successful track record of recruiting cross-functional roles across the business, Associate Director, Nicola Crocco, executed a multi-faceted Search and Advertising strategy that tapped into her extensive networks within the Retail sector.
  • Outside of the mandatory technical skills and experience required, the interview process focussed strongly on leadership and relationship-building style through a series of targeted behavioural and situational questions. The fit of these skills to the style and culture of e&s was a critical success determiner.
  • Nicola sat in on the interviews with the e&s owners and General Manager to provide further insight and commentary on the presentation and responses of the shortlisted candidates to support the decision-making process. 


  • e&s appointed a dynamic Head of Marketing from a fast-fashion background with an abundance of generalist technical skills, strong financial acumen and exceptional digital nous. This was coupled with a thirst for developing the capability of their team and the maturity to understand the appropriate pace with which to move.

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