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New Store Leaders


National talent mapping, national talent pipe-lining, search and talent acquisition

Organisational context:

Telstra is one of Australia’s most prominent multi-channel organisations, offering its customers often ‘first to market’ products and services.  Traditionally, the vast Telstra Retail business was viewed as a “telecommunications company with some stores,” but the competitive landscape necessitated them to drastically transform their retail proposition.  As such, Telstra embarked on a journey to redefine their customer experience by setting a new benchmark in retail excellence at store level. One of the key ways they were going to do this was through the appointment of a new store structure of Store Leaders across their 100-strong store network.

The pain points and challenges:

  • Telstra needed the very best in New Store Leader retail talent, nationally, in order to build Telstra Retail into a brand that people aspired to work for and Telstra customers raved about.
  • To find this exceptional talent, Telstra needed the help of a select few recruitment agencies to turn over every stone in the marketplace.  Enter:  People Equity.

People Equity’s solution:

  • Dedicating a team of our Consultants to this project, we devised a multi-faceted talent acquisition strategy that involved strongly leveraging our networks and referral sources. 
  • The brief on this role was “outside of the box” in that Telstra didn’t necessarily require proven retailers for the New Store Leader positions; rather, strong leaders who demonstrated a set of “must- have” competencies such as leadership, motivation, customer focus and business acumen. 
  • Our ability to attract and assess talent from various industries across these areas of competency through finely-tuned behavioural interviewing technique was critical to determining the best talent match.


  • People Equity placed several key New Store Leaders within multiple states for Telstra who played an important role in shifting the customer experience and raising the performance bar overall.

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